Texas Roadhouse Review in Fishers Indiana

Author: Fishers Food  //  Category: Bar & Grill, Steakhouse

I don’t know why we never go to Texas Roadhouse. Heck, I love peanuts (with beer of course) and this is the place you can throw the peanut shells right on the floor like a real man. We think it might be because we’ve only tried a couple times, and it was probably Saturday night, so the place was packed.

Well, there’s good reason the Fishers Indiana restaurant is always busy, because the food is good and the service is great. It seems like they have about 30 employees making sure everything is cool. From the greeter at the door, to the two girls asking if you would like smoking or non-smoking (this place must technically be in Noblesville), the waiter who was almost too attentive, and the manager that probably had the most perfect managerial “look” I’ve ever seen - he just looked like a really nice guy . . . well let’s just say the service was great.

Now on to the Fishers Food. I just happened to leave work early and so we got there at 5:20, ten minutes to spare for their two meals for $14.99 deal we saw advertised at the table. I almost felt like I was an old man, but it sounded like a good price so we said what the heck. I had the 6 ounce sirloin steak and the wifey tried the barbeque chicken breasts. We had two choices of sides, plus the bread and peanuts, and beers. All for $14.99, that’s $7.50 a meal folks, and the food was great.

I was surprised at the thickness and tenderness of the steak. I never eat at Texas Roadhouse, I don’t know if I thought it was kind of hillbilly or what, but man do they have good steaks. The seasoned potato fries were also very good. Being a meat and potato guy, I chose mashed potatoes as my 2nd side, which were also starch-d-licious.

I didn’t even ask if the wifey liked her food, but she ate it all and never complained so I guess it was pretty good. Oh yeah, and when I mentioned Texas Roadhouse when we were trying to figure out someplace different to go, she said they had the best ranch dressing ever. Ever even. So take this review to the bank Fishers Food Fans, and try to get there before 5:30 so you can be an old 30 something couple like us.

A Review of the Ram in Fishers Indiana

Author: Emily  //  Category: Bar & Grill

Being a three year resident of Fishers, with the population showing no signs of slowing but the presence of restaurants doing nothing much to keep up - I was delighted to see the opening of the new restaurant, The Ram. I decided to book a date with a couple of friends to try out the new Brewhouse. Upon arriving, I was a little nervous at the sight of the parking lot…would I be able to get a table? I was pleasantly surprised to find a perfect booth in the bar to sit and enjoy the scenery. The bar was indeed magnificent, very large with a nice display of plasma tv’s and a large projection TV boasting of course, football.

We were greeted by a friendly waiter. This was a relief as after many years of working in the service industry - I know that truly good service is few and far between. My friends and I decided on the Spinach Artichoke Dip for an appetizer. Once it arrived, I quickly realized that I wished I had ordered this as my entree. It was by far the best I have ever had……and I have had my fair share of spinach artichoke dips. Nearly full from the plentiful appetizer, my entree arrived, the Penne Gorgonzola with Grilled Chicken. It was exactly what I was hoping for, rich tastes of gorgonzola, garlic and grilled chicken. The service was top notch, and the food and atmosphere were great. My friends and I left completly satisfied, and I left knowing I now had a new favorite in town.

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