Wise Guys Doesn’t Have Dumb Breadsticks

Author: Jerry  //  Category: Pizza

Whenever the topic of “favorite pizza” comes up with our local friends there is usually a mention of Wise Guys Pizza. The pizza is well respected by the Indianapolis community so we visited the Fishers location on Allisonville Road and 116th Street. We ordered a large sausage and green pepper pizza to go and left to run some errands down the road. When we came back to pick up our food the pizza guy joked that he had been making an order of breadsticks for every pizza, and he accidentally made an order for us, so we got them for free!

Shortly after tipping him a few bucks for the supposedly accidental breadsticks, we got home to enjoy the food. The pizza was good, the crust was great, and there were no complaints had by all.

The breadsticks, on the other hand, created quite the commotion. They may possibly be the best breadsticks in Fishers, or the township for that matter, or maybe even the entire county. Imagine a very large fluffy breadstick with curvy wide sections. Next imagine garlic, salt, butter and other mysterious seasonings on the top which are incredible. Combine the texture and the taste and you have one mean contender for Best Fishers Breadstick.