Best Bet Diner Proves Customer Service Still Exists!

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My co-workers and I have been talking alot recently about the subject of customer service.  More specifically, the lack of customer service.  Many of our conversations have naturally gravitated toward the food and dining industry.  We all eat out.  We all enjoy eating out and expect good customer service.  However, over the past few months the stories about horrible customer service have poured in.  Employees not looking their customers in the eyes.  Ignoring your customers when dropping off the menus.  Arguing about using a coupon and accusing the customer of changing the date.  These are just a few of the things we have been subjected to over the past few months.

I made a vow to blog about my the next great customer service experience.  Months have passed since then.  But today I end my custom service blogging silence.  Because today I discovered that customer service does still exist!  And believe it or not, it is in the food and dining industry.

The diner, Best Bet,  is located in Noblesville, Indiana.  Best Bet is decked out with poker themed items such as chips, playing cards and even jail cell like bars around the register.   They serve a great breakfast and also offer lunch.    Here are the customer service points they can offer to any restaurant:

Acknowledge Your Customers - This is a small diner, but the place was packed.  There were 4-5 groups waiting at all times.  Instead of ignoring the waiting customers or acting frustrated, the owner went to each customer personally to start a brief conversation.  He shook their hand and made eye contact.  He thanked them for coming out.  He even offered complimentary drinks to some parties that had to wait more than 5 minutes.  Simply put, he embraced the situation and made the best of it.  Many times customers will leave as soon as they realize there is going to be a wait.  Because of these tactics, every single customer staid…with a smile on their face.

Personalize the Experience - Not only did the staff introduce themselves, but they also asked for first names from the customers.  These names were written on the order and on the final bill.  A small gesture that continued the overall great experience.

An Atmosphere To Remember - Poker themed decorations were very appropriate and well thought out.  Each table was a poker table with glass over the top of it.  The diner was clean and everyone was moving to deliver food promptly.  All employees seemed happy…a nice change of pace!

The Food and Follow Up - Of course the product must deliver on the high expectations.  The food was very tasty and solidified me doing this review.  And the follow up was great as well.  The staff came back to check up on their customers to confirm they were enjoying the experience.

Best Bet is truly a breath of fresh air in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  This small diner is taking all of the little things that the big chains do wrong and capitalizing on their mistakes.  And even with an almost hidden location, the customers don’t stop coming through the doors!  Big restaurant chains – take notes!

Best Bet Noblesville Indiana - photo from Urbanspoon

Best Bet Noblesville Indiana - photo from Urbanspoon